The Silicon Power BP 51 In Ear Headphones are an unexpected item for RHR, normally we look at high-end gaming headsets but this year we will be doing a lot of focus on accessories and value products to help give our readers and viewers affordable options.

For such a low-cost headset the Silicon Power has truly made a great headset. Originally we planned to do a head to head with the BP 51 and BP 61, instead we decided to make individual videos for the two headsets despite they both come in under $30 both deserve their own unboxings and reviews.

If you need a comfortable and easy to use Bluetooth headset that is discreet and low cost make sure to check out the unboxing and review in the video.
Premium In Ear Headphones for under $25: BP51 Review – 04:04
— Real Hardware Reviews

Getting back to the desire of the forum getting all videos first, the cover is a place holder but wow did this headset ever impress for the price 🙂

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