Bizzare issues booting into Windows 10

Yesterday I installed an RX580 in my computer. The RX580 turns out is dead and so I swapped my 1070 back in there. Ever since I cannot boot into Windows 10 for much longer than a few minutes. What happens is that soon after entering Windows it freezes and there is no choice but to perform a hard shut down. Then upon booting the computer hangs on the windows loading screen. From there if I restart I am told windows has an issue it cannot repair. 😞

So I think "np, I will just restore from an image". After I do that the computer boots into Windows for a few minutes before freezing just like it did initially after trying the doomed RX580.

So I press on, fresh install of Windows 10. (I should long have mentioned that my OC on the system has been turned down.) Fresh install and I get the same behavior. Now this is really odd... Lets try that all again WITHOUT an internet connection. Ok so now it has been around 10 min and puter is not frozen!

I ask you, What is Going On?!? I do not know what to do next!

Ok I now fed the computer some internet and it borked... I am restoring a Windows 7 image, see what happens then! I would like to rule out a hardware issue as soon as possible.

For those curious this computer is:

ASUS P8Z77 Deluxe
16GB DDR3 2400
MSI 1070 Gaming
Corsair AX760i
MX500 500GB
Xonar DGX (windows 10 killed the on board)

Can you test something for me? I had a GPU with a bad pcie slot bend/break one of my pcie slots before, can we test the lower one, and the other test is no GPU at all just to confirm.

Just want to confirm that 🙂

I will try that as soon as I can. I am currently fixing my Aunt's laptop. I can say that Windows 7 appears to run without issue for the last hour or so.

Ok I have tried the lower PCI-e with the same issues. Odd that Windows 7 runs without any issues.

Believe it or not the solution may be unplugging the computer and popping the cmos battery out for 10 min... clears the hardware tables?? What are those?

Hmm thought that was like failsafe clearing of a cmos and clears the uefi bios saved settings. Worth a shot for sure.

The issue in the Windows 10 booting is also happening with most of the users and it is also happening with me as well. I am also having the booting issue from past few days and it is happening because of the Microsoft compatibility telemetry windows 10 and I want to ask how would it be fixed.