Salmon cooked with Asian Peanut Sauce

I don't normally eat Salmon. I have a hard time eating it because it tastes fishy to me. I have tried raw salmon sushi but eating this way with Asian Peanut Sauce is tasty.

I cook it on a pan. First I cook the fish in small strips in a bit of oil.
Then I add the Asian Peanut sauce (it is sweet more than salty). I add quite a bit of sauce.

The peanut sauce masks the fishy flavour a lot.

I am on a keto diet, so I eat it by itself. lol. It has sugar from the sauce but whatever. The sauce is from PC brand. I find it really good as a dip too for other meats!

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@eyetrance Not a bad way to cook I cook lots of meats in Asian peanut sauce same with rice noodles for wraps.

I love fish so this summer I will be hitting up the asian markets for lots of different eels and snappers and trying many combos.

thanks for sharing 🙂

I just cooked some more salmon. I kinda overcooked it... lol now the oil is separating from the sauce..... yuck

@eyetrance too much heat, were there white Mark's while cooking that kinda look like fats?

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I have not heard of Asian Peanut Sauce. I will check it out, sounds tasty 🙂