Post your experience with nVidia Geforce Experience

Hi Everyone,

I'm curious to get feedback from anyone who regularly uses the NVidia Geforce experience to see what you think about it.

Personally speaking it is a nice concept, though I find the supported games for it are still lacking, even when the game itself is titled and sponsored by NVidia.


I don't and won't install it. I prefer to tweak my own settings.

Its overly pessimistic in its settings and it I would not use it for anything other than a 'starting point'.  If you use SLI configs I wouldnt even bother as its way….way to conservative and is not even a good starting point.  I find you can get better results with just playing and tweaking as needed.  For me that means starting out with everything maxed out and turning down as needed.

I agree, I was just curious on the concept of it, what peoples impressions were.

I personally set my own settings for both SLI and in game with no assistance needed by software. You are right GaK, it is conservative in its setting range and also in the games it lists compatibility for.


I also HATE depth of field and motion blur. So they have to go right away.

I am running it at home and I'm not a big fan of it. Raptr on the other hand I like a bit better, but still wouldn't recommend either to an end user.

I run it sometimes for some games it just always maxes everything to nothing amazing 😛

Now the Shadow play is great just sucks for sli as at random it uninstalls my GPU drivers when turned on some times but for single card its awesome

Never used shadow play on it yet, might have to try that out.


Not bad soft from Nvidia,when u can check different information about drivers and your system ,but not necessary to install (mb u just interested in Video drivers)