Getting back into ATVs

I have been out of the atv world for around 15 years, but decided it’s time to get back into it. My initial plan was to go used, but everything I found in the last few months had compromises/issues, or was priced too high for what it was. I found out Can-am had a decent promotion on most remaining 2018. For the models I was looking at it was $1k off and 5 year warranty. I decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra on what I want. Deposit is in now, and I am waiting for it to come in (there was no local stock, so it is coming in from nfld).

Outlander 570 max dps (aka legal 2 seater and power steering).

Anyone else into quads?

@Bond007 Nice deal, we always wanted to get into it when we were in BC but the cost was always too high for us. Now with 3 kids it will be many years till we get into off-roading again then possible quads at the same time 🙂

Thanks for sharing and make sure to share some photos of it when you get it.

Thanks. Will do. Definetly quite expensive, but I will have this for a LONG time. The timing “worked out”, since I had just payed off my car...

I have a Honda Rancher 420 ES (bought it on ebay from the states "used" with 57 original miles, that is why it is a Rancher and not a "Trail" or whatever the Canadian version is). It is for work and not so much for play. I apologize if I am wrong but it sounds like yours is for play. It would be great to own a quad for play, as is it has always been for work. Enjoy that new quad!