I think I may try and do a mini-Review of this later on.
But I wanted to see what everyones thoughts were if they have played this latest DLC from Fraxis.

I have to admit, the game as a whole is done very well and to me it is very true to the original (with some of the monotony removed, which is a good thing).

For the add on My likes:

Mechs are awesome - Nothing made me happier then when I finally got a unit that I could use as a bullet sponge so my supporting troops could mop up.
Genetic Mods - Again, another interesting innovation to help get your troopers spec'd even higher

There are new missions as well, but I am somewhat lackluster on these. While nice I would enjoy them to be a little more frequent and revolving. As well one would hope that they could at some point make it so you can do Co-Op with your friends against the aliens. I think a Co-Op mode would make this game and its playability soar.

There are other things that I would like to see changed too but they are minor. Overall its a very nice addition to the game.