I am not feeling good, something that thankfully will pass. To help pass that time I am thinking about AMD vs Intel. Say if you wanted a cheap-ish platform as a general system. Some gaming, some editing etc etc. the only thing I come up with is Intel 9400F vs AMD 2600. They are currently priced at $239.99. Both can use cheap ~$100 boards. Intel will be less picky with the ram however... so, which would you choose and why?

Thank you

@Mightyunit Hmm not a bad plan, I am partial to Crucial and Corsair ram, but honestly most of the current name brand rams do amazingly well.

Really hope you feel better soon,

For both those CPU's those are awesome chips for sure 🙂

For me I would look at MemoryExpress openbox as well as Newegg bundles as that is a good way to save a buck 🙂

I will not be purchasing any of these cpus rather I am bored and trying to pass time. That said if I had to choose right now I would likely stick with Intel. I really want to like AMD... maybe with next gen Ryzen they will finally have my full attention. I do not like that ram speed and timings are crucial to peak performance.

I do prefer newegg.ca because they do not charge PST. 🙂

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