WTT/WTB RX 580 590 Vega and Radeon VII

Looking for the above cards 580 590 vega and Vii

Willing to trade 1070/1070 ti or 1080 as long as the trade is worth it.

We lack the above cards in our charts and we really want to change this asap

thanks all

Suggestion : why not sell a 1080 and with the funds just buy one. I can help with a buy in Montréal area if needed.

I think is better value at used.

Yah already found a 570 bought one from work now just need the rest haha

Will let you know in a week or so what I find.

@MARSTG said in WTT/WTB RX 580 590 Vega and Radeon VII:

I think is better value at used.

Definitely...especially if it’s mainly to get some scores in review charts.

@Bond007 fully agree. Will be posting some of my personal and site gear up for sale this week to try and cover some cost, plus to cover my huge taxes this year haha

I want to make sure our charts are filled and fair so we have a total comparison on all reviews

you guys have too much nvidia hardware on your hands !

@MARSTG yah Nvidia reps are far more giving than the AMD reps but hope that changes and they both show love