How many here are waiting....

How many people here are waiting for Ryzen 3000 series to build a puter around? If yes which cpu or how many cores and threads are you aiming for?

I am hoping for a cheap 8c16t "low power" platform. 🙂

@Mightyunit want to upgrade my wife's 1600 to something like a 3600, I'm looking forward to the new ryzen to see people's builds but I just finished my rig so no upgrading for me haha

I am impatiently waiting. I really don't need a new build, but the CPU market has been soooooo stagnant on the intel side that it is boring. Ryzen 1000 mixed things up, with the 2000 just keeping people interested. The 3000 series has me with my fingers crossed that AMD can get ahead of Intel for a little while. Competition is good for everyone! From the speculations/rumours, the most interesting to me is:

Ryzen 5 3600X 8/16 4.0GHz 4.8GHz 95w

From the design pictures it seems that there is place left for a HBM chip on the die, next to the hsio chiplet. So I am hoping for an apu with integrated hbm memory like the Hades Canyon design for a very small system with some grunt for some 1080p gaming.

Now that pricing is known which Ryzen 3000 are you guys looking to get? All of the cpus cost around $40-50 USD per core. The cheapest being the 3600 at $33.3 and the 3800x at $50 USD per core. I am thinking about a 3600 and a 3700x. Been pinching pennies to make this happen! 🙂

Honestly thinking the 3700x want the 3950x but only way I can afford that is if I sell all the gear I have now haha

The g series 3000 CPUs interest me a lot as well

I wish the 3400G and the 3200G used the latest micro architecture and 7nm. I would want the increased IPC that they offer. IF the 3200G and 3400G did, they would be very tempting!

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The 3600/3600X/3700X all look appealing. I am curious to see how xfr and the extra tdp of the 3600X works out vs the lower tdp of the 3700X.

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