Dealing with belligerent people

Have you ever dealt with people as a seller (or whatever) and they are profane and belligerent? Rarely have I come across this but recently this happened. It made me wonder how many others have experienced the same.

Selling on ebay I get a message for a potential buyer, he wants to make me an offer below my asking price. I mention that in order to do that price I would need to make a deal over at HWC or RFD. Ebay takes ~13% in fees after all. He quickly becomes unnecessarily belligerent, accusing me of deliberately not contacting him via email... I was never given his address. He becomes excessively profane claiming that I knew he was banned from RFD and HWC (what a gem). The point is he never told me that... I think this guy is on drugs. He accuses me of being scared to deal with him and not knowing how to run a business. lol what??? This all happened within 2-3 messages.

Has this happened to you? Most ALL (but not quite) of the people I deal with are generally courteous and reasonable at the least.. Not this one, not this time. When I told him I was not willing to do a deal he went apoplectic! 🙂 🙂 🙂

@Mightyunit yah had that happen on hwc before,

Had a new member buy think it was a q6600 asked him his system specs, noticed he only had 1 2gb stick off ddr2 in his 775 rig so I threw in 3 1gb ddr2 sticks(all I had at the time)

He then emails me when he gets is and was like "WTF man I heard from others you send gifts worth 5x what the products are worth otherwise I would have never bought from you, I wanted at least 8gb and a SSD(at the time ssds were like $250 for 60gb haha) He then threatened to report me if I did not send him better. Told him to go fuck himself and blocked him haha

also had 1 more there where the guy started emailing and emailing and emailing me due to the fact I had a photo with 6 gpus in it begging me for a free one. He started calling me a [email protected] asap as I told him those were for folding at home and not giveaways or anything and then the guy got my address from other people (old address which was funny) and said he would send someone to get the cards from me haha (drugs are a powerful thing)

All and all these are the minority online the bulk of people I find are great, Except for Legion on PCMR he's just a dick haha

If you go above and beyond people will try to take advantage of you. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better just to stay on point. And then, sometimes against the odds, you meet people like Soul who do their best to help people, despite no one asking that of him.