RX00 gets a upgrade

So Rx00 usually gets my hand me down rigs for all his hard work on the back end of the site. If you do not know whom he is he is the guy that designed, built and maintains the rhr site and forum as well as from time to time he is Davide the guy who is not John in our videos.

So his old rig was a 4790 non k
32gb ram
Random v300 aging Kingston SSD

So we got him a bit of a upgrade
Xeon v3 1650 6 cores 12 thread
32gb ddr4
P1 1tb SSD fresh load of windows 10.

So here is the final product

IMG_20190502_205551.jpg IMG_20190502_205556.jpg IMG_20190502_210349.jpg IMG_20190502_205806.jpg IMG_20190502_205600.jpg IMG_20190502_205633.jpg

Hope you enjoy and I hope to post many full build logs shortly

Rest of his specs are
Corsair tx850w ghetto PSU
Next 340 case I think
Many random SSDs and HDDs some with messed up Linux installs that screwed with my reload
Asus Strix 1070 ti
Asus AC wireless card
Kraken x62

Hope you all enjoyed this hand-me-down upgrade

Nice build! I do appreciate a white case. That looks to be an H440 I think. I have an S340 and what you have there is something else. 🙂

Random thought:
I hope that GPU vendors start to make HSF without sag. Founders edition would be one without sag that I can think of.

Seems like a pretty good upgrade especially when you consider its a hand me down, not all of us get hand me downs with those specs.

@wedge22 Fully Agree, rig boots and runs damn fast to very nice, his Kraken will need to be replaced soon it's getting loud.

@Mightyunit fully agree on the sag had many gpus that just seem worse and worse. would love to see manufacturers getting better on this or at least mounting the cooler directly to the back plate where it connects. This would force the case to handle the gpu weight