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How's the build coming along?

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How's the build coming along?

And, we aren't going to fit... 😅

I can cut part of the crossbar to make room for the radiator, but I suddenly realize I don't like how the HWLABS GTS radiator looks inside this case (the beveled edge). I guess I can just go for the EK-SE for now. They (purportedly) have terrible performance compared to the GTS, probably not even half as good (even with the cross-flow version used in this case), but at least they look "right" to my eyes. I really needed the cross-flow version to simply my original tube rout though. I guess I'll have to start drilling holes for some hidden tubes soon. :biggrin:

alt text
alt text

Also did some more tests a few days back (haven't had much time to do more work on it after disassembling it again). Did a bench with the current planned setup (thin rads):

560 SE (28mm) + 480 SE (28mm) + 480 CE (45mm). Depending on how I do the tube work, it might up the 560 SE to the original 560 CE as well.

Anyhow, at around 1.3-1.4kW (wall) with the GPU at a decent OC + stock CPU + 1.5GPM + 750RPM fans. The CPU's do about 65C max with the GPU's around 43C. Other workloads, I can max the GPU to about ~50C, but that's about it.

I am however using the non-recommended inlet/output port combinations for the CPU blocks, which might have something to do with it. Basically, the CPU block has (G1/4) 1 inlet + 2 outlets with middle port pushing water through a jetplate towards either sides ([url][/url]). However, I'm using the non-recommended 2 output ports instead (as in/out) since I have better tube spacing that way. Not sure if that's what's causing the relatively high CPU temps. I also have ALL GPU's and CPU's together in parallel (which again, needs to be checked on serial if it actually has an effect). Either way, it's not much of a problem to me. The air-cooler for the CPU's used to run the same benchmarks at 90-95C.

Some minor fiddling and I also finally got a decent Cinebench R15 score of 8135, currently ranked #5 in VRAY (new version) and top 30 in 3DMark Port Royal. I really think I might replace my current workstation with it, when/if it gets done.

As for build status. Still figuring out my tube runs. I changed my mind and instead of black sparkle + chrome/dark chrome tubing, I'll try to do a black+chrome tubing with "all-bend" runs to keep it looking nice and tidy.

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damn sorry to hear about it not fitting but damn does that look good( the cinebench results haha)

make sure to keep us posted as this is many peoples dream rig haha

wow, that score! I am slumming it with a score of 1627 🙂

Thanks for the update. Like SL1 says, this is a dream boat for sure.