May giveaway (forum)

This month's giveaway is a mechanical keyboard we will announce which one at the end of the month.

All you need to do is post on the forum before the month is over or be a patreon supporter.

So all I have to say is


This giveaway ends June 1st and next month's is a nvme SSD

Good luck as always and thank you for your support.

Nevermind the IBM Model M, is it an IBM Model F?

@TheFifthAce Matters the country the winner is in, due to deals in their local areas, most likely with red switches and Adata, Corsair or HyperX

Nice I do not own a mechanical keyboard, so hopefully I win.

This months random user list was generated and this month we have Mighty Unit as the winner for their forum posting

Love seeing when the random winner generator selects active members of the forum

announcing next months prize tomorrow 🙂

please join me in congratulating @Mightyunit

What if I already LOVE my keyboard??

@D3CAF June is a SSD ment to get the logo for it ready today but got busy with data entry