3D Printers

3DPrinters... who is using them and what brands do you like.
Thinking on upgrading my existing old ass 3Dprinter. So would love some input. i3 mega, chiron, ender 5... JGAuroa A5S?

I tried to steal John's since it's busy collecting dust...that''s about as far as I made it.

I use the M3D printer, and use it almost everyday.
Next one is going to be Ender 5.

I don't own any but I've been using TinkerCad to work on some prototypes to 3D print for some projects I'm working on. I have to wait for a new part to come in to see if it will work with said prototype before doing the modelling change.

I have a older Ender's and do not like it but hear the new models are amazing, keep me posted on what you get as I am on the hunt for one that is not crap.

Thanks for the input guys. Done a bunch more research... and come the summer looks like it will be a Mega-S or Chrion for me. Good bed (no need for upgrades eg glass tile, or adhesives, like with Ender 5), and comes with a Titan extruder (chicom clone... obviously).

It's too difficult to find a best electronic things, well after doing many searches, I found ultimater 3D printer on Reecoupons, well I bought it from there and really I am much satisfied due to its print quality and really it's worth buying for me.

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