I need an NVMe 4TB drive. Does anyone know if they are coming?

I would love to have all my docs, pictures and overall data stored on an SSD. I am tired of my slow 4TB WD Black. Does anyone know if such an SSD in the works? Ideally something priced like an Intel 660p but with 4TB or more. I am already saving my shillings....

I have not had much luck with good priced 4tb SSD or nvme. What board are you using as dual 2tb in raid 0 maybe the best options

RAID 0 has burned me in the past. Nothing like lost family photos to make an impression on a guy 😞

I am thinking in the very near future 4TB NVMe drives will be available. I was hoping people more in the know than I could confirm what I am hoping is true.

@Mightyunit when gak is feeling better I am sure he will chime in 🙂

Two GB is about as high as your going to get right now (with 1TB being the sweet spot). Basically Sammy and few others are playing/toying with the idea... but they are all 4bit NAND drives. Might be a couple 3bit'ers in the works... but 2020 is the earliest we will see any of them. Most likely 3-5 years away (barring a change in market demands). Honestly, 2TB is about as big as you are going to see in the consumer market sphere for the foreseeable future.

The problem is cost, not tech. Peeps dont want mega drives. They want cheap and 'big enough'. The Add In Card form-factor can easily handle the IC count needed easily but it would cost as much as a used car... as they will all be 'Data Center' / 'Enterprise' orientated models.

For enthusiasts... VROC and 4 way M.2 is probably about the only realistic way to do it properly...ish.

The only other (cheaper and easier) option is go SATA or software raid. Both of which are less than optimal (as you know) for avg joe computer user.

IMHO break it down to basic components. Keep low speed, low priority on HDD (its what they are meant for). Stick games, apps, OS on a NVME or two (preferably one AIC and one M.2, with AIC for OS+apps and the games on the M.2). Stick in a dedicated small scratch disk for Adobe to hammer (eg an Intel Optane 800P or M10/15 series).

Its all we can do until enthusiasts are taken seriously again.

Thanks Gak, I really appreciate it. I wish the outlook was more optimistic but in time I am sure something will be developed.

Maybe a 3 x 2 TB SSDs in raid5 on a cheap hardware raid controller like LSI 9260-8i ?
[link text]https://www.ebay.ca/itm/IBM-ServeRAID-M5014-LSI-9260-8I-256MB-SAS-SATA-RAID-Controller-256-MB-PCI-E/123658712354(link url)

I believe there may be some enterprise NVMe 4TB drives but you would be paying a very large premium for it, probably not ideal unless money is zero object.

Thanks for that info. Unfortunately money is an obstacle.

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@Mightyunit yah the only bigger ones I know of thus far are Enterprise, raid with a backup drive on daily backup is my recommended

NP. Any time.... and yeah and those 4TB'ers are very niche specific with very, very optimized performance for very specific I/O loads. So even if you could drop the cost of a used car on a SSD... it may not live up to your needs and your more consumer orientated I/O demands

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