Easy beergaritas

1 can frozen limeade
6 beer
1/2 the limeade empty container filled with tequila
Tons of ice cubes

Mix beer and limeade together, fill half empty limeade container with tequila
Mix in tequila and ice with beer and lime
IMG_20190601_134125.jpg IMG_20190601_134715.jpg

I can only image what that tastes like. I have no idea, prolly pretty good 🙂

@Mightyunit was great like a margarita but not as strong. Almost like a bull dog

I live and die by double IPA's. I know I know, I need to expand my palate. 😉

Interesting idea...not sure I would this to any quality beer, but a great way to use up boring big chain (no flavour) beer.

@LPfan4ever The IPA was used in this drink only to get rid of them, the lime over powered it haha