streaming to twitch noob questions.

I know nothing. please advise.

So lets say I wanna stream to twitch, please tell me what I need to know in terms of what is the ideal hardware to use and software configs?

Thank you. I am asking because one, a friend (I will refer to him as "schmo") needs help and two I am curious. Schmo has an 8400 and a 1070. I will find out and post more about his system ASAP.

Thank you!!

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ok Schmo has:

-12GB DDR4 2666hz
-300mbps internet (50 Mbit up)
-256GB M.2 SSD
-1TB Seagate HDD

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I'll help out later tonight right now have to finish rebuilding my office 🙂

Thanks buddy!

Schmo is looking to sell his 8400 and get a 9700k. I told him he needs more cores and threads but he is locked into Intel ATM

@Mightyunit ok first have him set up a twitch account
then download streamlabs obs( stream labs is super simple to setup)

once twitch is set up, click click the user name, then settings then channel and video, copy the steam key.

go to stream labs and the settings gear, paste it into the stream tab (stream key)

once done its time to jump into the settings.

under video tab set them to 1080p

30 or 60 fps is fine

another really easy thing to do is go under general and run the auto-optimization .

then done

after that go into the sources area and add the monitor or game you are streaming and devices from there super simple but happy to help as you need it

Thanks for that.

What would you recommend for an ideal streaming rig? CPU GPU RAM etc etc?