GOOD THINGS CAN COME IN SMALL PACKAGES: While it may lack the shear value of the Ultra Touch 1TB drive we recently review, the Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB is still a pretty darn good value. Even excluding the value-added software from the equation this drive does offer good capacity, decent performance, and even decent looks. So much so there are good arguments to be made for opting for the smaller 4TB capacity versions over the larger 5TB models. Even if you will be sacrificing a bit of performance along with 20 percent of the capacity.

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I actually have this drive for sometime now, very happy with it, although i replaced the original flimsy Seagate usb cable with a heavy duty 6ft one and i keep the drive out of sight. right now it has a tad more than 2 TB on it and is still fast. I did a HD TUNE ran on it and it showed it ran between 130 MB/s max to 70 MB/s min, so is pretty fast. I don't use the Seagate provided software .

@MARSTG nice good to hear it is treating you well, the key to me is seagates amazing rma team 🙂