More camera upgrades and more on the way

Using the a6500 and a few different lenses
Got a low cost fluid head today
1/4" thread adapters for my spare phone as a lcd
Borrowing Davide dual shoe mount for the mic and lcd till my cage comes in tomorrow
IMG_8109.jpg IMG_8110.jpg

The more I learn about this camera the more I love it. Need a good zoom lens next @Xeven what cha got 😉 haha

That looks really cool. The best cam I have is the one on my Note 4 since I killed my S8 😞

... also those look like some fun toys in the background. 🙂

@Mightyunit damn yah my S8 is moving to be the camera lcd soon as my main phone I do not want on there haha.

How did you break your s8?

ps with a 2 year old the house is full of toys haha


The glass cracked. I attempted to fix it using a kit from It looked easy enough but somewhere along the way I killed the OLED panel. 😞 Locally they want $240 to change the glass. I wanted to save $200+ only to kill the thing. blarg!

My youngest is 6 so I no longer get to play with toys like that! hahaha 🙂

@Mightyunit damn too bad to hear for the phone.

Yah my youngest is 2 then 10 then soon to be 13 so get a good mix of all the cool stuff and tons of teen drama haha

IMG_20190629_121112.jpg IMG_20190629_121129.jpg