MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC vs MSI X570-A PRO

I think I am deciding between these two. Looking for your opinions, which would you choose and why?

Thank you 🙂

@Mightyunit what's the current price difference. Also check the open box on memx for Calgary happy to grab you a board if you see a good deal.

MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC goes for $194.75 and the MSI X570-A PRO is $214.99

I appreciate the offer. That is prolly more hassle for you than it is worth TBH.

X570 hands down price dif is minor and the 570 seems like a solid unit plus 5 rgb headers haha

I hear ya.. in some ways the B450 board offers things the X570 A PRO does not... still think it is better to get the x570.

Cmon Newegg fix your shipping so that I can get the 3600 without the $54 shipping issue!!