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@LPfan4ever Damn man really sorry to hear that, always horrible when someone you know passes on and even harder when it is on the job 😞

Sorry to hear for your and your family's loss.

What is this crap


Was like +15 the other day...

COTS Level 2 Managed Switch that somehow doesn't come with a power supply...what?!

@Arinoth haha that sucks it really does

Their back, flying hissing shitting assholes...

@Soullessone21 said in General Rants Section:

Their back, flying hissing shitting assholes...

Not a fan of the ol' cobra chicken?

Friend of a friend reaches out to me to help him build 3 insane watercooled computers, mixes model 1070's(sizes all over) 7 gpus per system, complains psus will cost too much, awesome guy Xeven sends me a link to a awesome dual psu Supermicro case that can be used to build the system.

He sees the price of 6k and goes, it is not worth his time or cost. Show him the cooling parts cost and he says too much but he will rush order parts he can find on sale(that most likely are wrong fitting) and wanted me to give up my long weekend to build it all for him, pretty much 3 weeks of custom bending cords, measuring and testing plus no way enough power to power the system.

Just do not get people, this guy is worth millions and the best option is some how too much....


PS Xeven love that supermicro gpu case

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Telus please stop hiring the mentally infirm, call them due to the whole block of buildings all experiencing .6mbs max speeds, found out it was this bad for not just us when both neighbors asked me if ours was shite too. The guy checks the lines and sees work being done on one and the tech comes out. Checks the main room says he found the issue then goes from shop to shop checking our modems and setups, comes to mine and says "please don't run your business interment through your music device, as we see you have a Sonos here that everything connects to". Give him a blank look and ask "you mean sophos? Our firewall and VPN?" He looks again and goes "I did not know you could use a Sonos as a firewall and VPN" look at him again and say " you are talking about a Sonos this is a sophos they are nothing alike" finally it dawned on him and he left haha

So ticked at some of my students.

They were given a very simple project where some how they fucked up over and over and now I am spending hours correcting 😞

Hurricane ruining my Saturday...bah.

the ddos attack was more of a pain then the hurricane...

@Soullessone21 Blizzard among other websites were getting ddosed this weekend.

Might you we finally lost power, noon today, 2 days after the storm while they restore power...