Stories from my Years in IT

So keep getting asked for stories of odd things I have seen or found in my years in IT. So I will start off with my stories of "Fred"(fake name)

So Fred was with this IT company before I joined, old German guy who thought he knew everything and no one could tell him better.

So a few years into working with him I Hire Andy(fake name again) cool gay guy who knows coding better than anyone I have ever met and honestly the perfect bench tech who follows the written rules to the letter.

Sales floor is open square you can see end to end and there are 2 tvs up front on Y cable so you see the same image twice for whatever is plugged into them. We have this rule "Never plug a clients computer in upfront" Fred does not listen to this rule ever and always plugs clients computers in up front and just walks away while they boot, tries to sell other people stuff during this time.

So this day we have about 2 old ladies in there looking at laptops and a lady in her 30s with 2 kids and "Tim"(another fake name) Tim comes in all the time do to his roommate playing pranks on him like popping the ram out, unplugging the hdd, or the most common Changing his password. Tim and his roommate are in their 60s to(important later)

So Fred grabs Tims PC, opens it up sees the ram is unplugged, pops it back in and goes to plug it in upfront on the TVs. Andy tells him to bring it to the back to plug it in as it is the rules and just safer. Fred tells him to frick off and I just shake my head as at this point I manage the head office and just am visiting this site. Tim and I start chatting about a new image as we hear a lady scream, quickly we go up front and see her pointing at the huge TV's covering her kids eyes while the two old ladies are laughing and Tim is pissing himself laughing. On the TV's is from behind selfie of Tim's roommates old grey haired saggy nutz and dick hanging there. Fred starts yelling at Andy and I to turn it off. We both look at him and shake our heads I Say "Fred know that rule about never turning the computers on up front, this is why, this is on you" Fred runs over and pulls the power cable.

The lady with kids tells Fred he is a sick man and leaves. The two older ladies start talking to Tim. Andy walks up front signs the computer in to see what else has been fricked with.

I shortly after leave and on the next company meeting Andy and I share with the whole company what Fred did and about him traumatizing these kids. To top it all off I never noticed at the time but Andy got a photo of Fred and the nutz as he's running to unplug the pc(too bad it was the old iphone 3g days, that shit needed HD)

This is just one story of Fred there are many but thought a great way to start this thread.

If you have any stories feel free to share haha

Worked at a retail store and was told to sell sell sell. There is a product for everyone at every price point.

Lose a sale otherwise. I don't want to name names.

Today's story

An issue from 2000's strikes back!

So today buddy brought over his work computers and one they thought the mbr was gone and the other the user profile was gone. user profile one we will ignore not cool or funny and very common.

So I look at his tower and see it cannot find a windows install, so I open it up and look, Sata plugged in and good, then look at the bios and I see that old devil back again
Sata drives are there but all bootable HDD's are the card readers, cannot even remove them in the bios or turn them off or select sata drives.
Unplug the card reader (they never use it) and say "watch this" while it booted up he was in shock.

This issue was super common back in the 775 and 939 day but all it took was a quick unplug of those old card reader and saved them thousands and fixed his system in 5 min.

Better story next time just wanted to include more right away

keep'm coming, I have non to share so I am a consumer only