Ltx2019 RHR and PCMR

Hey hey all after a 12 hour drive yesterday we Made it the Vancouver for. Ltx2019.

First the house
IMG_20190726_203152.jpg IMG_20190726_203149.jpg IMG_20190726_203139.jpg IMG_20190726_203129.jpg IMG_20190726_203124.jpg IMG_20190726_203118.jpg IMG_20190726_203202.jpg

Now the house is better than expected and the crew went to enjoy some of the local beer and food last night hitting up the alibi
IMG_20190726_220214.jpg IMG_20190726_214205.jpg

There we met up with coin pie as well as thebign00b and his buddy from pcmr.

With that today is day one of Ltx2019 we will do our best to cover the event on here and social media.

Thanks all

Always nice to enjoy some local beer. Enjoy the trip!

@Bond007 thanks and we will and are haha

Thus the heated bidet seat for ye olde new toliet (aka beer n street kabob recycling system). 😛

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Snapchat-138765934.jpg IMG_20190727_223725.jpg IMG_20190727_201655.jpg IMG_20190727_231156.jpg

Massive amount of people at the fireworks in Vancouver last night, also Matty made a new friend.

some more pics from the event (stolen from our Discord:P)
PANO_20190727_113021.vr.jpg IMG_20190728_123243.jpg IMG_20190728_123241.jpg IMG_20190728_120726.jpg IMG_20190727_201005.jpg IMG_20190727_161251.jpg IMG_20190727_151202.jpg IMG_20190727_143936.jpg IMG_20190727_140331.jpg IMG_20190727_140320.jpg IMG_20190727_135437.jpg IMG_20190727_125033.jpg IMG_20190727_122042.jpg IMG_20190727_115425.jpg IMG_20190727_111639.jpg IMG_20190727_110649.jpg