Single sided nvme

So my understanding is that single sided nvme are better for temps in most chips jammed against motherboards with no airflow. Has anyone seen anywhere that has listed/specified which are single vs double sided. I find it annoying trying to find pictures of every nvme drive to see.

Unfortunately.... no. No mfg'er wants to limit sales by stating dual vs single sided. PLUS specs can change. They get a better deal/contract on say BiCS 4 (96 layer) vs BiCS 3 (64layer) and suddenly a dual turns into a single... or vice versa.

Add in the fact it does not really matter in SOME cases (vertical orientation, custom cooling that pushes air over both sides, etc) and it should NOT be the 'be all and end all'. Rather just a part of the equation on which is optimal for YOUR specific needs.

Thanks for the reply and info. I understand it isn’t the end all. For the time being I am just monitoring prices etc. I am watching for a great deal to replace the drive in my laptop. It came with a 128gb nvme and 1tb 7200rpm. I would like to ditch the 2.5” drive completely and get a 1tb Nvme. That being said, I mostly only use the laptop when I am on the road, so it doesn’t need to be cutting edge or rated for ridiculous endurance. P1 and 660p are cheap, but maybe too much of a sacrifice.

The Adata/hp drives do seem to really offer great bang for buck, and are tempting (SX8200 and ex920). Corsair mp510 occasionally has good prices as well.

Any recommendations or words of advise (For or against) in the magical middle ground?

The Seagate BarraCuda 510 series maxes out at 512GB right now but is single sided, uses a good E12 controller, BiCS 3 NAND, and is cheaper than a WD Black SN750 (without the heatsink edition). To put it in perspective a QLC NAND P1 .5TB'er is about 65ish USD. The Cuda 510 512GB is 110 USD, and WD SN750 is about 120ish USD.

As for adata vs hp. I would spend more for Adata QC as HP is on my nope not gonna buy list. Not precisely 'hate with the passion of a 1000 burning white hot suns'... but close. MP510 when on sale is also another decent option. Can't really go wrong with any of them... as it is a laptop and not a 32 core, 64GB ram monster rig. πŸ˜‰

This assumes your laptop is PCIe x4 compatible. Otherwise any older dual lane NVMe will be 'good enough'. IE no four lanes of PCIe means might as go for capacity as performance is not going to happen.

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Thanks again for the insight. I regret not pulling the trigger on the SX8200 960gb a week or so ago when it was around $128 shipped on amazon...oh well.

Not a problem, happy to share my opinions/POV/experience/etc with anyone who asks. πŸ™‚

I did think of one thing that may help in your quest. So IF you really want to make sure you are getting a single sided only M.2... look for a 'S1' 'S2' or 'S3' at the end of any drives form-factor specifications. SOME actually include it. EG 2280-S2 means it would be 22mm wide, 80mm long... and 1.35mm in the Z-axis on one side and 0.0mm on the other.

Like I said... most do not include the additional spec... but SOME do. Those that don't you can probably talk to their support team and ask for it. Tell them your laptop can only accept S2 thickness drives. They may tell you what it is. πŸ˜‰

...and yeah I feel your pain. That would have been a solid option at a SOLID price for your rig.

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