PC Games Crashing

My PC has started to more frequently crash out of games. It normally crashes to the desktop with a crash report and has done this for multiple games. It has recently even started to completely freeze the computer and forces me to shut it off. It normally occurs during loading screens and other moments that would require the most power.

After posting on a different forum I was told it’s probably my PSU. I provided a lot of information on that forum if you want to give it a look.


R9 Fury Nitro
I7 3770K


Any overclock on anything? If it goes into the game, does it every then crash, or only on loading?

Have you checked to see what your CPU and GPU temps are during this?

I recommend downloading HW monitor and running 3dmark and watch your temps

@Bond007 No overclock, and I would say it crashes 1/3 times after the game loading back into the lobby.

@Arinoth Yea I’ve checked and my temps are totally fine

Have you at any point swapped graphics card? The last time I had an issue like this I had done a gpu swap...99% of the time you can get away with uninstalling everything and reinstalling.... 1% of the time a fresh windows install.

Otherwise it could be power related, but I usually only see hard lockups when it’s power...not what you initially had.

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@Bond007 Nope never swapped. I recently tried reinstalling windows on it though .

Trying to read a virtual address means its USUALLY one of three things: RAM, HDD (virtual mem), or the VRAM on the GPU. I supposed it COULD be the PSU pushing dirty power, but usually memory related. Could also be heat related on the video card.... or just a plain on failing video card.

I assume its only happening during games. IF so... prolly the card. Most likely the VRAM on the card.
Easy things first. DL and run memtest. Test all your system memory (RAM). Let em go for an hour or so.
For virtual... increase the size and swap drive it is using.

Still happening? Lower VRAM on the card. Bring it back to AMD Fury R9 STOCK mem speeds.
Still happening? Lower it down a couple hundred below AMD ref mem speeds.
Still happening? Try the card in a dif rig.

This all assume that you also have tried reseating the RAM sticks, making sure no dirt around the contacts, and reseated the video card as well.

This ALSO assumes your PSU is big enough to handle the stress loads. Right at the edge... and wonky things can happen. BUT would try the above first before buying a new PSU.

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