AMD 3000 series, what do you owners think so far?

I have been an Intel guy for a long time. Not that I am a fanboi rather I never felt like AMD offered compelling products. So now I have bought an R5 3600 and was wondering what you guys think of your AMD 3000 series cpu?

For my self I miss overclocking. The 3600 I have does not want to do more than 4.2Ghz all core. I used to have 3700k's that would hit 5Ghz and that was a lot of fun. I understand that Intel K cpus have had their OC headroom diminished over time but they still offer more headroom than I am seeing with AMD. That all said I think the IPC and overall performance of my 3600 is competitive. For a 4.2Ghz cpu is pretty good. I have yet to downclock my 8700k from 5Ghz to 4.2Ghz in order to compare but by the seat of my pants so to speak the R5 3600 performs ok!

Another thing that I like about Intel is that ram speed really does not matter like it does with Ryzen. In my R5 3600 rig I have a set of 16GB Team Group 3000 16-18-18-38 ram at 3200mhz. I know faster and tighter would be better but my budget would not allow.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a new Ryzen cpu, if yes what are you liking or not liking?

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A review on the 3600X is in the works. 🙂

My opinion is AMD is eating Intel's lunch in the mainstream market. Compared to a 9600K... AMD all the way. With only gameing still lagging. NOW they are hot running, but with good cooling I kinda like the new Zen 2 series. Can not wait for Zen 2 based TR cpus!

I don’t have it, but if I update anytime in the next year it would be Ryzen. Some people talk about missing the oc, but I don’t see the issue. At the end of the day, I don’t care about core’s, frequency, oc, anything...only how much performance I can get for my $. The fact that amd is providing chips that run efficiently to pretty much their max speed from the factory is a plus to me...not a negative.

@Bond007 Fully agree, for me the cores are a must for editing and as long as I see a solid 60 fps in gaming I am damn happy, value is always my key selling/buying point