One of my cheap R5 3600 builds

I am bored and this place needs to see some action. How about I bore you all with a simple PC I put together recently 🙂

I have built two systems with the R5 3600 since July using a mix of new and used parts. This is one of them. I took a few pics and I am sorry that some suck. Both of the cameras on my LG G6 are dying and so I needed to use a Kodak Z990 AND I suck at photos.

Silverstone SG09
MSI B450M Gaming Plus
R5 3600
Team Group 16 GB 3200mhz
Crucial MX300 275GB
WD 1TB Blue
Corsair A50

So far this computer is running well. At first neither of the system fans worked on the brand new MSI board. After flashing a beta bios they are now working well. I had really wanted an MSI B450M Mortar Max but it would take to long to get one since they have yet to hit North America. This Gaming Plus board is one of the few B450 boards with bios flashback. I have no older AMD Ryzen CPUs and so I needed a board that would work out of box OR at least with a bios flash using flashback.


alt text
alt text
alt text

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Damn nice rig, thanks for sharing, now what about some benchmark scores and fps. Looks like a solid system to me.

Again thanks for sharing

Nice work. Let us know about build 2. The 3600 is the cpu to get for most people IMO.

When I get some time I will reveal build II and call it: "The search for more build"

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Sounds great cannot wait to see it, My new build I will have a review for shortly as well as it will be getting an upgrade asap on the cpu side.

Hey boys! I had a little time today and took the time to take a few pics of the second R5 3600 based computer I have built since July 7. Here it is!!

R5 3600
MSI B450M Tomahawk
Team Group 16GB 3200mhz
Intel 660P 1TB
H110 with Noctua fans
Startech trayless hot swap bays (x2)

This computer is used mostly by my kids for gaming. I do use it as a convenient station for testing video cards and managing HDD and SSD cloning etc. The HAF XB although dated I do like because it is kinda like an open work bench. Moving video cards in and out is as easy as it gets. With the included hot swap bays that the HAF XB comes with I can swap SSDs in an out without any tools or screws. The same is true for HDDs with the additional Startech bays I used here.

If you have questions please ask!

(Thanks to John for helping me get the AM4 bracket for the H110 cooler!)

alt text
alt text
alt text

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@Mightyunit said in One of my cheap R5 3600 builds:

AM4 bracket f

Build 2 is looking good as well!

Really like pc 2 as well, the hot swaps are awesome and really look nice with the case 🙂

good work

Yeah build 2 is looking good! For a big small case the haf xb is hard to beat. Only time they piss me off is when installing dualbay AIOs 🙂

Thanks guys. There are so many better looking builds out there. I would love to update my cases more often.