Are you using the USB type C connector ?

Are you using the USB type C connector on your desktop system? And if yes for what ?

no sir. Closest I get is an A to C adapter for my phone

Yes and on my laptop

Laptop I have a usb C dock that works rock solid and gives me 3 monitors and a usb 3 4 port hub plus audio and gigabit ethernet

Desktop for a Controller usb c to usb C
1 of my mics is usb c
charging my phone and sync with c to c
and lastly for a usb C hub and display link adapter when I want to hook up more screens for testing (8 is never enough ๐Ÿ˜› )

Mostly love the usb C docks and Thunderbolt using the C port for external GPU but in all reality, the port is making its way well

Yep, I use USB C connector for my phone at home, at work that's how my laptop connects to the dock.

I used to use USB C when I had my Dell G5 Laptop I got from Costco. But the laptop was bulky and heavy so I never could bring it with me.

So now I have this bought USB C to HDMI+PD+USB A port adapter that I am not using.... Maybe one day I will get a cheap Android phone that uses it to get the desktop experience like Samsung DEX.

Now I have a used Dell Precision 3510 laptop that has HDMI and VGA to get my three displays so that is good enough. VGA is kinda blurry but I use it for watching movies/yt.

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I would like a USB C based laptop that can charge via USB C... Maybe in two year until my Dell Precision battery dies and I donโ€™t want to buy a new battery for it. The battery costs like $100.