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The market for smaller cases has grown more and more over the years. Due to this, companies like InWin have been putting out newer and better cases non stop as of late. Today we look at the updated InWin A1 with the InWin A1 Plus. The A1 Plus builds on a great case and packs it with premium features. Coming in at $199 the A1 Plus Offers upgraded ARGB, Fast Charge Qi Charger, 650Watt Gold Power supply, and dual Sirius Fans.

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Written Review

InWin A1 Plus - Feature-Rich Case With Sleek Style – 08:38
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@Soullessone21 said in INWIN A1 PLUS REVIEW:

Great review of what seems like a great case. Whenever I rebuild it will likely be ITX or mATX, so I am keeping my eyes open for future options.

Is the bottom and side intake filtered? Accessible after you build easily? Good filters that are easy to access are a must for me.

@Bond007 there is a "kind" of filter but honestly I would say no there is not a filter haha

How the design works a option is a dual 120mm dust filter on the bottom. you could even install them on the intake to as it is wide open with space in that area, but most likely it would fill with dust eventually and clog the fan but never know

Hmmm. That’s a bit of an oversight. Sad times.