New build for the wife

I am looking to upgrade the wife's current aging machine to something newer and was wondering what and when might be the best time this fall to do the upgrade. Currently she is running an i5 ivy bridge system, so I would be looking to upgrade just the cpu/mobo/ram. I would be looking to reuse the 1080 Ti, SSD (Samsung something or other), XFX 850W PSU, and her case.

I was thinking around 300-400 for the 3 pieces I'd need to get for her but not sure if I should go Ryzen 3600 or something else.

@Arinoth Fully with you on the 3600 this that is the best bang for your buck right now.

I'll see if I can find any combo deals right now 🙂

Recommend sticking with just B450 for the board, any preferred sizes like itx,matx atx?

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I'd have to double check the case, but no real preference. Fairly certain it's a standard ATX case.

As of right now I would say hands down this fall with a 3600 and b450 MOB....if she has uses that will take advantage of the upgrade (or you just want to).

I like the B450 Tomahawk personally. Come with the bios flashback button and overall a nice board. FYI I have first hand experience with one as I am using it together with a 3600.