Built this when ryzen 3700 came out but forgot to post.

CPU-Amd 3700x
MB-Asus prime x570 pro
PSU-Corsair rm750x
RAM-Corsair vengence pro rgb 3200mhz 32gb
GPU- Gigabyte gtx 1080 ti (white)
CASE-Thermaltake Core p3 (white)
1TB Sabrent nvme drive
1TB Silicon power nvme drive
AIO-Corsair H110i white
CABLES-Custom cablemod white cables

@Soullessone21 happy? Haha

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Rig looks amazing great work 🙂

Wow. I will say a couple things...I am not normally a fan of primary white or rgb, BUT the blue lighting with the white build looks great. Nice work! What a display piece to show off.

Looks nice! I contemplated the Thermaltake Core P3 in the past, looks great in white IMO. I also really like the GPU standing up and visible like that! Did you have any issue with the PCIe riser cable??

Wait, the GPU has no RGB ? That's a fail !

NICE cabling job. Hell... its better than what I usually do. 😛

@GaK_45 You should send him that AORUS EXTREME 1070 for more RGB oomph !

Nah it would clash with that rigs color scheme. What I would do is add a hidden RGB led strip behind the ledge for the vertical GPU bracket and angle it up to bounce sequenced blue light off the GPU. Win-win. 🙂

Had no issues with the riser cable at all.

Its hard to find a white grahics card. There is rgb on it but only the logo so you dont see it. Waiting for a good rtx 2080ti thats white to come out.

@GaK_45 thats actually not a bad idea. I have extra rgb strips anyways so ill test it out when i get home. Thanks!

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Great looking build I really like it and that is an amazing case.

D3caf shared your pc with the PCMR crew they love it as well, recommend sharing it on PCMR reddit get some gold 😛 Honestly a amazing build and good work. Now if only we could get you some faster internet haha

@Soullessone21 glad they like it. Yah great pc but phone hotspot isn't working well lol.