Router for my home AP

I am no expert on networking including what makes a great wifi AP. May I ask what you all would recommend for my home router/AP? I want a strong signal and the capacity for many wifi connections. I have a number of HD cams that connect via wifi, two printers, two cell phones etc.

In the past I have messed with DD WRT so it would be cool if I could play with flashing it to my new router.

Thanks in advance!!!

Ubquiti. The only networking gear I buy for home use.
IMHO get a good wired router and a couple easy to replace wifi APs. Wifi is changing fast... and it is easy to swap out a AP. The router on the other hand... will last many many years. IMHO 'all in wonders' are less than optimal solutions BUT are easier to install.
Pick your poison and go from there 🙂

Thanks for the response!! Upon further consideration I realized I only need AP's, not a router. I now have a UAP-AC-lite and a UAP-AC-LR to play with at home. My cousin had a few laying around and said I could try them. I am kinda green and so I am trying to learn as fast as I can! This UniFi stuff looks super cool!

They are indeed cool - near enterprise quality at near consumer grade prices. Once you get over the moderate learning curve and the 'U way' of their software UI they are rock solid. Every six months for shits n giggles I may reboot them. Have yet to have one crash on me. 🙂

I'm going the Ubiquity route soon as well.

Thinking just 3 units 2 standard ones for the house and one long range pointing at our greenspace as I want to do more mic test videos there as direct connect to our wireless to save them to the main system during recording.

That kind of setup may help on your larger property to

I also moved over to Ubiquiti in July, currently running the router, an 8 port switch and a Nano HD AP which is capable of covering my entire house, I am running the controller as a docker container on my server, all is working very well so far.