I3 value build log

Hey hey y'all
Doing some builds this weekend that I should cover in a video or 2 about used parts builds and selling used system.

First rig of the weekend is the I3 7100 powerhouse build

Specs are
I3 7100
Reeven justice cooler
8gb Ballistix ram (hope to swap for 2 4gb value ram)
480gb intel ssd
Prime h270 asus board
Xigmatek case
500 watt fsp psu
Asus Strix 570 4gb gpu
Windows 10 pro 1903

Originall there was a m. 2 ssd but it died on the testing table.

Now for the log
First taking apart my old case I found a bx100 1tb I never knew I had and a ax850 score!
Everything fits swimmingly
IMG_20190928_115222.jpg IMG_20190928_120607.jpg IMG_20190928_115226.jpg IMG_20190928_122439.jpg IMG_20190928_130109.jpg IMG_20190928_115211.jpg IMG_20190928_115904.jpg

Now the sexy photo shoot haha.

Currently running well, all loaded up. Will get some games on it after all updates and some broll as well as gaming footage and cover this value rig.

Ps Canadian forum members what's the listing price you all think is reasonable?

Nice one! Out of curiosity what was the m.2 drive that died on you?

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@Bond007 just a cheap hynix 128gb drive

Threw a exhaust fan into the rig and it's running damn well, now going to run a few benchmarks, check temps and do a few 1080p game tests.