October Dual Giveaway (Amazon Gift Cards)

Since we missed a few we will be doing dual giveaways this month of 2 Amazon Gift Cards.
CAD winners $25 Amazon Cards.
USD Winner $20 Amazon Cards.
(If the winner is in another country that is not the USA or Canada and they still have amazon we should still be able to send them a $20 usd credit)


Nov 1st will be the Draw day.

All you need to do is, Post on the forum (legit posts not spam) and or Be a Patron even a $1+ auto gets you in all giveaways

Now to make things even easier for new people if your posting your build please post them here: Monthly Giveaway Rig Pics

Good luck and have an awesome week everyone

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Another great giveaway from a great site. I am sure I will make a few valid posts in the forum over the next few weeks.

Good luck everyone!

@Bond007 appreciate it, think if we stick to more gift cards we can then save up faster for larger giveaways. Probably a ssd or gpu giveaway at min next month to 🙂