Horrible pictures of dead caps

I would like to dedicate this thread to the most horrible pictures of dead caps you guys can find 😉 😄 Just to scare these guys, who think that "this can never happen to them" 😉 Let's start with HP Pavilion machine pic. TMS 1500uF caps, machine shutting down in 30 sec after power on:

Frankly I would not dare to turn it on… Picture from Carcenomy user on TechPowerUp forums 😉

Oh, you think that this never could ever happen to you and that copanies are "learned the lesson" of China made (and fake) caps and now things are different? Well... not true. They are just hidding the bad caps better now and that it is. Want recent example? Sure, there you go:

Sapphire Radeon HD 7870:

The cause for GPU electrical signal noise is found to be bad quality ceramic capacitors responsible for conditioning power to the GPU.

So bad ceramic caps (yes, these little brown someting with two electrodes as it's ends) could happen too, as you can read from respectable source. I never seen (yet) bad ceramic cap, but looks like that everything could happen and perhaps the designer just did not understand the serious voltage bias of most ceramic caps? See: http://s9.postimg.org/3yqikalcv/Tayo_Yuden_DC_Bias_Graph.png
Dunno. But it clearly show the problem, when the company try skip too much on caps. Bad things can happen and plenty of angry customers that are playing games and then got black screen with sound loop and have to reboot aren't exactly happy.

So even that this thread show pretty outdated hardware (mostly), then it should be never let out of the sight, what we got once sold for a crap caps. Todays there are even custom made Nichicon FP caps with 5 000 hours lifetime (FP 5K) on many Asus mainboards, so if these are geniune, then these boards should last lifetime under regular cooling 😉 (with each 10°C down from 105°C is the lifetime doubling, so 2 000h caps are at 55°C guaranted to run 14.7 years nonstop, these 5k ones should be good for 18.7 years at least)

So bottom line - cooling if necessary and airflow in case is not a option, but the requirment.

Sapphire "Grouper" PI-A9RX480 boards are dying because Sapphire used Teapo caps, the the boards died during reviews:

"During our stability test of the overclocked system… ...suddenly shut down. The verdict was: mainboard death. ...mainboard died because of the failed capacitor in the CPU voltage regulator unit. …nothing could help our poor CPU at that point."

"…me share one more experience that I had with this board... It died. I can only hope that the death of my board was a fluke." Ne, nebyla to "fluke", byly to Teapo kondíky… Později text změnili na: "Our investigation revealed that the mainboard died because of the failed capacitor in the CPU voltage regulator unit. We sent the mainboard back to Sapphire for further examination, but nothing could help our poor CPU at that point. It rested in piece, too."

So because of bad cap even a CPU died. You have been warned...

Now what about PSU on fire thanks to Hec caps? Klara's PC (Morphys friend, girl - but not girlfriend 🙂 ), Eurocase PSU - Hec caps:

ATX Winner PSU, type PB300-A4S, courtesy by HoNY

CapXon caps rulez ;D

Bulging sligtly and leaking Vent cap, and some nonstandard inferior Fuhjyyu caps - 1650uF 16V? OMG!
Much to my surprise, the CapXon shit caps are used in Fortron PSUs:
http://www.svethardware.cz/art_doc-0484A36780DAD846C125716F007174B6.html?lotus=1&Highlight=0  😮  ::)  😕

JetWay V400DB, 6 pieces of GSC 2200uF 6.3V "caps"  😮

Things get so out of the hand with bad caps, that even WiKi listed this problem under "Capacitor Plague":

Some nice pictures there, lol 🙂

OST cap from SETI forum - I quess the extraterrestrials got him  ;D 😉

But let's get back to the Eath for now. Back in spring 2011 these dodgy capacitors were responsible for the signal failure at Sydenham (Australia) that brought the cityrail network to it's knees:

…so it is not just computer geeks (overclockers and silent PC lowers in perticular for the overstress and lack of the airflow) that are affected by these "designed to fail" caps. It does affect everyone.

HP Pavilion with TMS caps score again ;D User cchalogamer from overclockersclub forum:

How about some GSC caps? Peter's GSC caps in GF2MX400:

…and even the topmost left one, witch looked "reasonably" well for GSC look this way from bottom:


GSC caps in Peter's former mainboard Jetway V600DAP:

Panasonic FM cap (good caps maker and cap type too) wrongly polarized by me in Abit ST6R mobo on the Vcore input caps place:

Gigabyte GA-8IRXP mainboard, user smargs2 from OCAU forum and 3300uF 6.3V GSC caps

OST cap on Asus P5AD2 Premium, used roughly half year with P4 3.6 GHz (Prescott rev D0 (119A current draw…) )

MSI MS-6368 and Chhsi caps, user markiemrboo from overclockersclub forum

Even Apple sometimes use bad caps - but these looks as Nichicons HN, witch are quality ones (except for one bad batch). The catch? HN(M) stays for Nichicon, yes, but these are black-white, not black-gold. Only gold ones in Nichicon line are HZ ones… Hence they are fakes and Apple bought fake caps and then selling hatdware with them to their customers... that will fail. Amazing.

True Nichicon HM with Nichicon HZ on my own mobo:

China made capacitor - and beware, this is not shopped!

Find a difference between logo of Fuhjyyu and Hitachi:

Hitachi or Fuhjyyu

Where Fuhjyyu is known crappy bad cap brand, while Hitachi made a good caps. Therefore if we cannot just flat out fake it, then we make it at least very, very hard to distinguish between good and bad caps.

Lelon - known brand of bad caps in action. Caps for pictures provided by -HoNY-, same caps are used in cablemodem, witch I leasing to be used by my ISP provider. They will be surprised what I do to their Lelon caps… Especially when under heavy repeated load the modem stop accepting new request for same server, so... these caps are - even years after it is known they are crap - widely used in electronics, causing all sorts of problems. Any look at them - who can even wonder?

Dell Precision 450 with Nichicon caps, user markp, OC AU forums.

(yes, server boards are not imune to bad caps too, this was the legendary batch of Nichicon HN/HM caps, that Nichicon screwed up and they are all died… sh*t happens even to Nichicon...)

Asia-X caps in OCZ PSU, user spyder on BadCaps forum

Sacon FZ caps on Magic-pro - it is a JetWay OEM

Don't let them fool you. They are NOT polymers, these are sleevless electrolyte caps, and a bad ones, I might add. JetWay do this all the time. Remember their mobos full of GSC crap-caps? Now we know, that GSC = Evercon = Sacon = Apsun - and this is not good news at all:

Pentium 4 Asus mobo, user Random Murdered from TechPowerUp forum

User Random Murderer from TechPowerUp swear that this is not result of lighting, but "just" a bad cap that exploded…!

K7NCR18D pro2 mobo with GSC caps, user Grings from TechPowerUp forums