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OC Scanner results. What do you make of this??

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Cool. That would be great. 

I am a novice when it comes to overclocking, so someone who knows please correct me... When I look at my results all I am concerned about is the top end and it looks great! with a lot of vcore my 1080 clocks well... and that is where I am using the card when gaming. Right?

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Not positive...all my OC scanner work has been done with afterburner. I am not sure what the blue/green represents in precision. 

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7 hours ago, Mightyunit said:

@Soullessone21 Did you get a chance to run those tests? I am bored and can't sleep so I thought I would nag... 😜

Na got busy with shipping and and posting videos haha, will run it on a 1070 at work though for fun today in a hour or so and post it for you haha

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ok it does not like this card haha 

First MSI

Screenshot (16).png

Then bench

Screenshot (17).png

Now some EVGA on EVGA action or lack there of

oc scan.PNG


This card is umm not a EVGA fan, it's the EVGA black sheep, all it wants to be is MSI but EVGA just would not let it go without EVGA branding 😛

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