Best game recording software

I use fraps and Shadow play but what else is out there and why is it better?


I've always used fraps for my recording but I hear a lot of people starting to use action! I haven't used it myself but there is a free trail

I just noticed in one of my old vids on youtube when I first started recording I recorded with wegame. (Before I switched my Alias from Zwie to Giarc) [Wegame is free so It's not the best as far as quality goes but if you're looking for free the price is right haha]

In my oldest video the quality isn't because of the recording software it was because of my computer haha

Random comparison video
FRAPS vs. WeGame in Crysis (HD 1080p) – 04:18
— CrankyHankyPanky

Thanks for the comparison I also use obs and xsplit when setup right they are great.