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Accelero III VS Kraken G12

Epic GPU Deal - Repairing and Upgrading Asus Strix Cards
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Arctic Z1 Gen 3 Review

The Z1 was a simple install and setup and works very nicely, the hub is simple but sleek and in all reality, Arctic did a great job.
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In either case we consider the Blast Plug BP82s to be a great addition to Silicon Powers current wireless earbud lineup.
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Rugged BOSS SSD Review

The LaCie Rugged BOSS SSD in unabashedly focused on a very specific buyer: the professional.
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LTX 2020 beer tasting!!

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Hey hey everyone hope we are all well,


this year the RHR crew some how got invited as honoured guests for ltx2020 and do to this we want to celebrate right.

we will be holding a private event with many many many beers from our local micro brewers.


there will be a small entrance fee and some awesome giveaways. If you are at ltx 2020 please comment here and we will have more info soon.


thanks everyone and look forward to seeing everyone there and enjoying the best beer on earth... Canadian beer 😛 suck it merica.

-John and the RHR crew

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