RHR Sunday Gaming

Over the next bit I plan to start doing some gaming on Sundays with the RHR staff

Everything from cutting edge to retro tournaments.

Stay tuned promise it will be fun and most likely language will not be PG


Great idea, give us some notice and I'm in!


Great idea, give us some notice and I'm in!

Will do just list the games you play and my Steam ID's are
soullessone2121 and soullessone421 (Got hacked a few times so steam made me create two accounts haha)

Almost forgot I plan to do monthly (this will require a few nights)

Group FTP games where all are welcome to play along join the Live Twitch chat and we will review all the FTP games that are out there these days 🙂

Tonight many of the RHR team are without power due to a storm that has hit the east… their loss my gain its gaming time 😛

Got power back yesterday, boy was that ever fun.

Start naming games guys. this weekend I would like to play some… SC2 and Mechwarrior online but what else guys

Risk of rain is pretty fun, although only 4 player co-op. Currently on sale for $6.69 http://store.steampowered.com/app/248820/ for the next 14 hours. Other than that yea SC2 (which is free to play if you're playing with someone that own it BTW), Battlefield 4, DayZ, CS:GO, Planetside 2 (FTP), Firefall (FTP), Chivalry, Arma 2 or 3, Monaco, Natural Selection 2, etc etc.

Here just look at my Steam games list: http://steamcommunity.com/id/headsh0t16/games/?tab=all&sort=playtime

Anyone in on the Elder scrolls online Beta test this weekend?