Soul's kick ass Quiche

So back in the day I used to do most the cooking in our house so I learned to make many things just by combining stuff and hoping for the best.

First pick up 30-40 small unsweetened pie shells (the mini ones)

Best part of this is that 90% of this can be made from left overs.

For the filling use either.
Ham, sausage, smoked salmon or get fancy with prawns or smoked chicken usually a cup to a cup and a half of your leftover meat choice 🙂
half a large onion
3 green onions
12 medium or large eggs
1 cup of cheddar cheese

Instructions be worried super hard 😛
Mix all the filling items in a large mixing bowl.
Get a scoop and scoop enough filling to fill each pie shell almost to the top.
Set the oven for 350f
Cook for 15-20 minutes then test with a fork if no egg shows on the fork your done if so give them another 5-10 minutes.

When done take them out and let stand for five minutes, then enjoy

Whoa, whoa, this is somewhat nice result! I think it will taste as good, as it looks  😉  😄

But that makes me hungry…  😛

Seriously, that looks pretty good.