Jokes :)

Yep, that is a bigger one. My city (Prerov) has 50k even with close villages. Next major regional city is 100 - 120k (Olomouc).

assange vs zuckenberg

man uses cat to get chicks

No ideaΒ  ;DΒ  πŸ˜‰

when strong coffee did not do it


A Love Story:

Now THAT is what I want guarding my house.

"Honestly Officer, it is a Dog"


I walk past this house every day and always think "Error 404 garbage pickup not found"

Dammit calgary kijiji searchers at least they searched ssd more then vibraters I guess haha

Ps I'm aware vibrators is spelled wrong which is another cause for concern haha

Now that is a movement I can get behind πŸ˜›

How I have a job still is nothing short of amazing πŸ˜›

@GaK_45 HAHA some of those actually made me laugh at work


haha....what is with the chainsaw!?!?

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Books the SHOULD be real:
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