Failure Rates of Computer Hardware 2013

I would have loved to have seen that broken down by manufacturer for say graphics cards and motherboards, see who the real culprits to those numbers are, unless I missed it somewhere?

I think they kept that subtly out just so it doesn't seem like a blame game. Good to hear that ASUS is getting better and its not surprising to see Kingston do so well.


OTOH it is definitively bad thing, that the AMD failure rate is whooping 10.09% while nVidia stays at tad better 3.29%.

Someone have a hell of room to improve there and pushing temperature limits to 95°C is not exactly going to help. I could imagine all sorts of cracks and bad connections between so thermaly stressed PCB and the GPU…

Pushing for the speed crown is great, but reliability is somewhat more important.

Yet also they icluded the Titan in the scores and with his pricetag, it is somewhat "out of the league", since with such price nVidia could afford not to skip on anything (testing and longetivity wise), while compared AMD cards are much cheaper, so they are more likely to cut corners.

Still very interesting read! Thanks!

I can use this as a resource at work. Appreciated!