I7 920 D0 & Mushkin Enhanced 6GB triple channel kit

Looking to sell the remaining parts from my previous build.

First is my trusty old i7 920 D0, it can clock as high, or higher than 4Ghz. I kept it at 3.5 for over a year (H50, not much overclocking headroom) It has been "lapped" with IC7. $80 shipped

Next up is my kit of Mushkin Enhanced DDR3-1600 6GB triple channel kit, timings are 7-8-7-20. No idea how well this ram clocks, I've never ventured in to ram overclocking. $40 shipped.

Would you take 100 for both.

Och, 4GHz… nice piece of HW, Supaflyx3  😉 Let's hope new build will be even better then!

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