Sneak peak MSI FM2+ Gaming Motherboard (News)

What do you think it will feature? do you think it will be awesome?

I know I do

This MSI FM2+ A88XM mobo looks very stylish. The painted black caps remind me of lowfat work, lol  😉 Looks like they drop the legaci PCI completely (makes sense, todays) and the space between the two PCIE slots are huge and will allow proper cooling of two graphic cards even w/o the watercooling.

I like the two serious coils bellow the top PCIE slot - that simply means full LC filter and that means the MSI are taking the PCIE powering seriously. That looks good. Many caps are seems to be hidden bellow the top part of CPU VRM heatsinks, so there are more caps that are visible on first sight.

As for features, I would quess by the switch that dual bios will be there, perhaps with some more serious overclocking possibilities.
From the article it looks like that they are promising PCIE v3 (hoooray! getting sick from looking at the AMD cards that can run with PCIE v3 and they are usually run at PCIE v2 or even v1.1 …) and USB v3, witch sounds pretty good. Probably support for all the "top AMD FM2+ dogs" is matadory. Onboard sound with probably 7+1 support?

Dunno what they meant with the "KillerLan", but a fast gigabite-capable NIC is likely matadory.