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AMD Mantle Battlefield 4 test – 02:49
— MrNewbhero

So as you can see, BF4 running on DirectX go somewhere from 74 - 80fps (total max in just one case).
And then on the same HW the BF4 running thru Mantle, goes from 462-484fps….

What is there to say? OWNAGE!  ;D  ;D  ;D

This is the beginning of end of DirectX and nVidia, if they did not come up with Mantle support. If this is not somewhat faked...  😉

Yeah….Im not buying it either.  At that big an improvement there would be screen tearing as NO monitor would be able to keep up.  Either fraps is borked because of mantle (a strong possibility) and reporting incorrect frames per second.... or its an out and out fabrication.

Could be, that speed-up is probably way too much either. Still, we still have to wait and see. All the promises of Mantle for xmas turned out to be false, so… all what is left is speculation. Not good.

Has no one noticed when that was posted? Mantle has not been released for BF4  (Or any game for that matter) to my knowledge so this person is blowing smoke out their ass and getting hits for it.

I find the frame counter more suspicious, as betatesting must go on already and Mantle support must be tested on various configs, so… Therefore I would rule out the "too early" argument out of sight. I will, however, not expect more that 20, 25% more performance. Even that would be nVidia killer, but while it is true, that the overhead is, compared to DX, really 9x lower (!), then the hardware is not capable of drawing things 9x faster suddently.

In other words, lesser overhead did not mean more (or dramatically more) fps, when the card is, for example, already maxed out.

And yes, people do all weird stuff all the time, just to get attention... some go as far, as claiming that they are in contact or been abducted by aliens and such claims. Compared to this - this is just a "light tea", if this is fake 🙂


Star Swarm - Mantle performace against DirectX:

Long story short: Star Swarm
Mantle - 44-45fps
DirectX - 13fps

IMHO is interesting, that the framerate under Mantle seems to be directly proportional the the number of cores used. The four core Kaveri is getting 30fps, while the six core i7 reach 45fps. Both with R9 290X, so they are not GPU-limited…

Todays, to end the speculations, AMD was given out the measured FPS increases for BF4 using Mantle on few sample setups:

Radeon R9 290X + Kaveri A10-7700K
          o 1080p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 40,9% increase
          o 1600p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 40,1% increase

Radeon R9 290X + Core i7-4960X
          o 1080p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 9,2% increase
          o 1600p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 10% increase

Radeon R7 260X + Kaveri A10-7700K
          o 1080p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 8,3% increase
          o 1600p, Low Preset: 16,8% increase

Radeon R7 260X + Core i7-4960X
          o 1080p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 2,7% increase
          o 1600p, Ultra Preset, 4×AA: 1,4% increase

In short it looks like that when the CPU is the bottleneck, then the increase are more that significant. If the CPU is powerfull already (or the graphic card is slower), then the speed increase is relatively small.
Still, that give AMD cards quite a edge in BF4 benchmarks 🙂 And most happy will be the users of slow CPU's, that play BF4, as their framerage get true kick up  😎  😉

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