Chromecast Available in Canada through

Looks like Chromecast is available for order to be shipped to Canada from

It'll cost about 52$ (taxes and shipping included) but it's a lot cheaper than any other options out.

Oh, this is not good for people who did not trust/like WiFi 🙂

Besides, how long it can took thru WiFi to upload average 4G mkv movie to the Chromecast? And would it play? Some movies with higher bitrates are even larger… Heat 7G, IP Man 4.6G...

You don't upload, it's meant for streaming media within your home network. If you're running wireless N you should have enough bandwidth to stream 720p or compressed 1080p. I just don't see bluray streaming working, but if you own a bluray, why don't you play it on your bluray player connected to your TV?

If there was DLNA support this would be a instant purchase for me. Currently I have a PS3 with a busted Blu-Ray drive that does nothing but stream movies from my media server. I would love to replace it with a tiny little device like this.