Souls Kijiji Precision of power (M6500)

I bought a bunch of Precision laptops on kijiji a few months back that all did not post out of the box from the person who sold them to me ($50 for 3)

All were M6500 Dual cores all of them filthy whores that after a nice cleaning work like a charm.

2 of them had large metal shards grounding the motherboards. the 3rd had a locked up Hard drive.

Sold 2 for a killing and kept the one in the worse shape for myself.

Quickly thanks to some good buddies and luck my laptop got some upgrades.

First from 2gb 1066 to 8gb 1333

Second the i5 got a face lift to a dual core i5 620m which quickly got tossed for a 720QM

After that happened she ran 2 640GB Black hdds

then again out of the luck of having good buddies she got upgraded to a Intel 710 200GB SSD.

Soon shes getting the 16gb Ram facelift.

GPU is the low point of this laptop even though it powers and flies in 90% of the games I play, The little Firepro V7740 is actually not half bad.

The battery still holds at least a hour charge and the whole rig is a lot of fun to own.

Over the last month while my mega build has been coming together she has been my only system and shockingly I can still play every game I did on my Tower of Power but on the Precision laptop of power.

Pictures soon and she will get a good painting once the tower of power is back online 🙂

More to come even some fun benchmarks with this $50 rig of awesomeness.

There so hi-end NTB's with 17" screens (1920x1200) and i7 for 50 bucks? That is the deal of the year for sure 🙂 Good when you know how to fix them. Kind of almost hard to believe that all these NTB's need to kick again like a new are cleaning. Really?

2 of them had large metal shards grounding the motherboards

WTF?! That did not exactly speak well about the quality control at Dell, much less on the manufacture. Whatever happen to clean enviroment?!  😮 Locked up HDD prevent these beauties from even posting? Interesting. I would not even check that - I better stand corrected now  😉

8G for NTB? Oh, that is a bunch of memory… also increasing the memory clock speed sure helps... Congratulations! CPU upgrade in NTB? This is interesting...  but on some czech site I find:
...that it actually can have optional CPU's (Intel Core i7, Core i7 Extreme Edition) and even GFX cards (Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M, ATI FirePro M7740), so it looks like it coud be tweaked almost as classic PC. That is good...

Planing 16G of ram and using 2x HDDs (even lated preffered the SSD) sounds almost crazy for such low cost NTB!

Congratulations for a great fun for actually 1/3 or 50 bucks  😄  😉

Thanks trodas the metal shards did not come from Dell but from the previous owner. Their company does lots of welding and someone told them taking the dvd drives out was good for air flow face palm

One of the laptops I sold the new owner did tons of upgrades to even 32gb ram 😮

Mine now has a 640gb black wd hdd, a intel 710 200gb ssd and a 64gb msata ssd. The rig is a tank.

Most common games I play on it.

Fallout 3 and new Vegas nearly maxed no AA
Diablo 3 completely maxed
Starcraft 2 nearly maxed smooth as butter
The cave maxed no issues
Crysis 3 medium settings runs good
And many others. I'll get some photos up when I can and some fps videos

Thanks for reading:)

Really, someone told them to remove the dvd drives for better air flow… Well I'm glad the company is a welding company and nothing that's overly you know mission critical that shouldn't have metal shards in it...

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