AMD Seattle: eight 64bit ARM cores with L3

AMD Opteron A1100 is a breaking new CPU. A server CPU with ARM (Cortex-A57) architecture, 8 cores, little over 2GHz clock, 4MB shared L2, 8MB shared L3, two memory channels supporting DDR3 and DDR4, 8 PCIE lines and cool TDP:

(yes, CPU is under the small aluminium heatsink on this developer board)

While many won't see this as very insteresting (no x86 compatible, so…), then definitively this early annoucement could be later seen as one of the breakthrought days, when AMD come up with non x86 CPU. Let's hope AMD will succeed there, so we can get more performance out of their x86 CPU's...

Damn I hope those are affordable, that would be perfect for my uses.

Dunno about price (AMD offerings are usually not too pricey), but maybe you can convince them to send you the developer board to do something with it? I have no idea, but the design of the mainbard is pretty interesting. Clearly the ARM CPU did not need that much power at 2GHz that a x86 one, as I see only two phases and few tantal (yellow boxes) and few tantal-polymer (black boxes) caps…

No idea, what to expect from this, tough (except that it will run some linux and be cool with so many ports - just like a server board).

I was just surprised, that it was done (coming up with AMD CPU line) for the first time from mainstream processor creator. Maybe this mark the beginning of and end of the x86?