Blades? Blades.

Anybody else like splurging a bit on knives and the like? Whether it's for cutting vegetables, meat, facial hair, people, whatever!

Lately I made three sharp purchases. First up is a Dovo Solingen C-MON Cadillac straight razor. I've always wanted to learn how to use them, but I am not looking forward to the amount of styptic pencil I'm going to have to shove on my face to seal up battle wounds.

Second up is a folding knife I bought for EDC and I like it quite a bit. Lots of talk lately about the Camillus brand being brought back and manufactured by a less than great company.

Lastly was bought today, a Takeda AS 165mm Nakiri. If you wanted to slice vegetables with a laser, this is about as close as you can get. (Without winning the lottery…holy shit nice knives are ridiculous expensive)

And the whole family now!

Such sharp blades make me worry that I will again cut myself with then… 🙂 But looking damn nice!  😉  ;D

My mother was always complaining, when I make the knifes too sharp, so she will cut her with them. But on the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to have really sharp cut...  😉 There is no image of the bread knife with the "teeths"  🙂

Yeah, they're crazy with how badly you can cut yourself without even noticing until your blood is over the cutting board. The only good thing is because they're so sharp the cuts are clean and close up quick.

I have a Global serrated knife, but I have a hate for that knife. It's waaay too sharp for a bread knife, and when it slipped right through the side of my baguette and into my hand two weeks ago I was not happy. That cut is still healing, I'll probably have a decent scar there since it wasn't anywhere near a clean cut.

Hhhmmm kyle did not see you as a knife guy after all those girly drinks you had at the bar the other night haha.

Cool knives though all I have is a nzxt sword that's it haha

Don't make jokes of the guy with the knifes and rifles  😛

(Plus, it was rum and coke, shaddap!)

Oh, sorry to hear that your arm got a taste of the blade… Gotta be more carefull and perhaps have less sharp blades?
Hope it heal soon and well.

And I forget to mention that the picture quality and the lighting you choosen is... outstanding and simply professional 😉 And don't mind John, he is just pushy for more drinking  ;D  BTW, do the japs knife really have some edge over others? I'm not any expert for knifes, I prefer them relatively less sharp, but it just made me wonder, since I never saw such interestingly looking knife 🙂

Anyway, good luck and steady hand by shawing with the C-Mon Cadillac razor. I hope this time there will be no cuts... Or at least not bad ones. It seems to be all in the movement... Still, my mother get most cuts from knifes, but I get most cuts by cheap cases that have razor sharp edges inside. Many computers contain mine, involuntary taken, DNA samples ;D

(Come to think, civilized countries require a court order to get the DNA from person (not ours, ATM), so I should - like any good US citizen - sue the case makers that make me bleed 🙂 )

Sharp or not, a serrated blade is gonna fuck you up. It's actually better to get cut with a sharp knife than a dull one as it's a much cleaner cut, it should close up faster. Serrated just rips stuff apart and the cut takes forever to heal.

As for the pictures, in reality they're taken under some absolutely horrid lighting. Just turned the hood light on above my stove and stuck my cutting board under it. Lightroom + RAW is a life saver for getting rid of the yellow tinge that plagues my originals.

My two main knifes are different altogether, but I do definitely prefer the Japanese knives. The Hiro Gyuto has a western style handle and uses VG-10 Damascus steel. Takes less of an edge, and doesn't stay sharp as long, but it's much more rust/tarnish resistant. I'm pretty much turning that into a meat knife now that I have my new one. The new one is a Nakiri and is made of Aogami Super Blue Steel, which holds a wicked edge for longer, but is very rust prone until it develops a patina. Means you have to clean and dry it right after using it. German style knives are usually sharpened to 20+ degrees on both sides, typically Japanese VG-10 gets you around 15 degrees, where the blue or white carbon steels hold closer to a 7 degree angle. It's basically a razor blade for vegetables.

For EDC….its really....really hard to beat the new FRN Manix 2 by Spyderco.  Decent steel (about the same as the older VG1s...can handle about 12-14 degree angles before being too fragile), GREAT ergonomics, good jimping, good choile, great locking mechanism (spyderco's copy of benchmade's AXIS lock)...AND only weighs 2.9oz even though it has a 3.5" blade.  Oh that is ALSO FFG'ed!  Its what I carry now.  Mine is the translucent blue, but they also make it in black.  Costs about 75 bucks and is well worth it.

Though Im really looking hard at the ZDP-187 'sprint run' version of the Std Manix 2....or Hitachi Super Blue sprint run.  Man now those steels can take 8 degree angles no probs!

Though...Im also looking at the Cally 3.5 (Im a SpyderCo fan) Hitachi SuperBlue or ZDP-189 (just wish they still made the sprint run in D2...S90v).  Something about the Callys that just say 'dress suit' carry to me...but I love me the feel of the Manix 2.  Once you pick one will never like the feel of Benchmade knives again.

If you dont already own them....get a good set of Japanese water stones.  240-500grit to regrind to a more sensible angle (IMHO anything over 14 degrees on modern steel is stupidly 'thick').  1000 to finish setting the angle. 2k to sharpen. 6k to hone. 8k to polish. 13K to really polish.  Follow up with Lee valley green honing compound on leather to make it shine. Then finish with a quick strop on oiled leather.  Presto.  Instant sharpness that is so sharp you can cut yourself...badly and not realize it until you see the blood dripping. 😉