Bitfenix Outlaw CNC Rig.

Saw an amazing rig today. A full CNC machine built into a Bitfenix Outlaw.


This thing is a work of art and done to perfection

I have no idea what im looking at, but that looks damn nice.

It's all the controllers for a CNC machine packed into a Outlaw case, was working on my case yesterday and went to see how the sides were doing and the mad Dr. 2.0 was working on that.

This guy give HWC's mad Dr. a run for his money

Well at first I was like… what a waste of perfectly good case for some industry design, but then I noticed the HUGE heatsinks into the 5 1/4' slots and I realized that this is perfect cooling solution (I bet there is a fan(s) in front intake(s)) and that the case is quite suitable for such things, except the weight of this thing is gotta be huge. Just the toroid transformator at the bottom must be quite heavy.

And the five huge heatsinks seems that need to be supported by the added aluminium rod, so... that must weight a good 15kg at least.

Still congratulations to the builder. It do looks nicely and cleanly inside. Interesting use if PC hardware...